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How to run demos?

The CAD VCL package contains a number of demo applications. You can find the demos in these paths:

  • cadvcl_demo\Delphi\Demos for Delphi;
  • cadvcl_demo\C++ Builder\Demos for C++ Builder.

Also, you can find the exe files of these demos in cadvcl_demo\Delphi\Exe and cadvcl_demo\C++ Builder\Exe.


The path to CAD VCL is already defined in these demo projects.

CAD VCL demos


This demo shows how to create new drawings and add entities to it. These entities can also be export to DXF. So, this is the main demo for creating DXF and other CAD files.


This demo shows export to DWG, DXF and other CAD formats either automatically (via a metafile) or directly. Export via a metafile allows creating DWG, DXF and other CAD files automatically. This is a quick and convenient method for adding CAD (DWG, DXF, SVG, CGM, PLT, PDF) export functionality to your application.

DB Blob + LoadFromStream

This demo shows how to work with database and stream.


This demo shows the following features:

  • Selection of entities
  • Changing properties in the properties inspector
  • Selection of all entities
  • Viewing selected entities in an additional window (lines and circles only)
  • Panning of the selected entities
  • Copying a block to the clipboard and pasting to another drawing


This demo contains basic functionality of CAD VCL. Each button refers to small number of code lines in one function, so it is easy to copy and paste the code to your application.


The OpenGL demo draws 3DFace entities using OpenGL functions.


  • Zooming
  • Padding by left mouse button (when 3D Rotating is off)
  • 3D Rotating
  • Wireframe option allows showing items as a flooded or framed surface
  • Black background option allows drawing the background in black or grey colors
  • Lighting option switches shading of the surface on/off
  • Material1 and Material2 options allows showing surfaces as different kinds of material


SimpleImport is the most important demo for import purposes. It demonstrates access to the properties of entities, opening a CAD file and saving a TXT file.

TextChange + Color2LineWeight + MergeFiles

  • Scripts to change special text to give values
  • Assigns line weight using color
  • Merges files
  • Changes LineType scale
  • Shows/Hides lineweight

TImage + SaveBMP

The TImage + SaveBMP demo application demonstrates how to import the CAD image to the TImage component and then export from it to BMP or JPEG.


The Viewer demo application is an example of using CAD VCL library for viewing purposes.


The application demonstrates how to import and display 3D formats (STEP, IGES, STL, 3D-DWG, ASIS SAT and BREP) using the Tsg3DDrawingNavigator component.

CAD VCL Multiplatform demos


The FMViewer demo application is an example of using CAD VCL Multiplatform with FireMonkey framework for viewing purposes in Android OS.


The FMViewer demo application is an example of using CAD VCL Multiplatform with FireMonkey framework for viewing 3D objects in Android OS.