How to print a large drawing on multiple pages

How to print a large drawing on multiple pages
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The Multipage printing feature enables to split a large format drawing across multiple pages as "tiles" and print them. For example, if you do not have a plotter, you can print an A1 drawing on A4 sheets and then piece them together.

Open your file, go to the Output tab and activate the Multipage printing command.

Multipage printing command

The appeared dialog window is divided into two parts: a preview area and setting area.

Dialog window of the Multipage printing command

The preview area shows how the drawing will look on paper. Here you can set a number of columns and rows into which the drawing will be split or just let ABViewer calculate the required number of sheets.

If you do not need some parts to be printed, right-click on them in the preview area. They will become shaded.

Shaded parts that won't be printed

Now let's move to the setting pane that includes several tabs.

On the Device Settings tab, it is possible to specify an output device, scale factor, paper format, its orientation, etc. If the Show stamp option is activated, the file name, layout name, current date, and time will be printed in the upper part of the drawing.

Device settings and Additional settings tabs

On the Additional Settings, tab you can set the drawing position on the paper and its offset.

On the Borders tab, you can enable printing of a drawing frame and cutting lines that will help to piece sheets carefully. Note that they are not displayed in the preview area.

Borders and CAD Image tabs

The CAD Image tab includes the line weight and color settings. Here it is also possible to enable printing of dimensions and texts.


To know more about the Multipage printing feature, please visit our help page.