ABViewer. Customer reviews

Multinorm d.o.o., Croatia

In our company we use ABViewer for things that helps us speed our business. Batch printing and converting has become critical feature in daily job. And with the latest new feature „Measuring 3D Models“ we can replace third party CAD applications and save money. Excellent product, highly recommended for users that don't need highly priced CAD applications

Multinorm d.o.o.,

Yavor Markov, Bulgaria

Great products and great support. Thank you for your great job!

Yavor Markov, Bulgaria

Hartmut Schmitz, Germany

We use the program called ABViewer to convert CAD data so that we could process and edit it in CorelDraw. The program is very versatile and we can use the PDF data well. When we used its trial version we had two small issues concerning its maintenance but the support department solved them in no time and in a very friendly manner. The program has an excellent price-performance ratio and is easy to use even for people who don't create CAD projects usually.

Hartmut Schmitz, TechnoGrav, Germany

Michael Bitzko, USA

I love the product. We use it to test the validity of the step models we generate. To see graphically what is broken is a big plus++.

Michael Bitzko

Christoph Handel, Austria

We are very pleased with this software. Everything works perfect and we haven’t had any problems.

Christoph Handel, Arsenal Railway Certification GmbH, Austria

VG-Werke Kyllburg, Germany

We bought the Standard version with a limited set of features. We are satisfied both with functionality and with its price and performance.

VG-Werke Kyllburg, Germany