ABViewer. Customer reviews

ABViewer. Customer reviews

Hannelore Frank, Germany

I use the program only to add some slight changes to drawings, so I can’t provide a detailed review. For my purposes the program is very user-friendly and I manage to do everything I need.

Hannelore Frank, TTG Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany

Frank Carluss, Germany

The software works stably and without failures.

Frank Carluss, Planquadrat - C, Planung und Consulting, Germany

Martin Hill, Germany

I am very pleased with the viewer. It opens files quickly and you can print them just with several clicks. All in all, the program is very user-friendly.

Martin Hill, Beckers Regeltechnik GmbH, Germany

Isao Ishizaka, Japan

Autofact works a lot with point-cloud processing. We are using ABViewer for converting LWpolylines generated with one of our programs to true LWpolylines for ACAD.

Our program can change 3D Polylines to naked LWpolylines, where related parameters still not complete. ABViewer can accept our LWpolylines and can output exact LWpolylines which can be accepted by AutoCAD and related programs. The user can generate beam entities by using LOFT(ACAD command).

We appreciate the program functions very much.

Isao Ishizaka
CEO, Autofact Inc.

Pekka Ratilainen, Finland

I'm very pleased with the company's Soft Gold Ltd. computer program called ABViewer. I can recommend it to others who view for example, building plans or deal with them and print them in .plt-format.

Pekka Ratilainen
Valtimo town, Finland

Alexander, Belgium

I like it a lot. Works great.

Alexander, Belgium