DWG/DXF to G-Code

G-code generation from DWG and DXF formats for CNC machines is available in CADSoftTools applications and developer libraries. The following entities can be converted: lines, polylines, circles, arcs, ellipses and splines.

To evaluate this feature you can download the demo application.


The DWG/DXF to G-Code demo is an example showing creation of control programs for milling and cutting CNC machines. A number of required settings is available for each type.

DWG/DXF to G-Code Demo

The conversion process is quite easy. You need to adjust necessary settings, load a DWG or DXF file and the program will generate G-code that can be saved to NC format.

To get a full-function DWG/DXF to G-code converter write to us at info@cadsofttools.com or fill in the form below. Please specify what you need:


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