How to compare two DWG or DXF drawings

How to compare two DWG or DXF drawings
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Discover how to compare drawings using the Compare files feature and see what objects were modified, added, or deleted.

Go to the Advanced tab and select the Compare files command.

Compare files command of ABViewer

In the appeared window, specify the paths to the files you want to compare.

Files and settings for comparison

There are two ways to compare the selected files. By default, ABViewer compares their content. You can select the entity properties that will be compared: handle, layer, linetype, linetype scale, thickness, color, lineweight.

If you activate the Compare graphics only option, ABViewer will compare the files only visually. In this mode you can select the bitmap size - the larger it is, the better comparison result you have. And you can activate the Stretch drawings option that scales a smaller drawing proportionally to the size of the larger one. We recommend to activate it when you want to compare two similar drawings, but with different scales.

Compare graphics only

Click the Compare button to see the result.

Result of comparison

In the Comparison window, it is possible to rearrange the compared drawings, change the background color, synchronize the drawing positioning. It is also possible go to the editing mode, make changes and reload the files after that, save or print the result of comparison.


To know more about the Compare files feature, please visit our help page.