Print a Group of Files with ABViewer
Print a Group of Files with ABViewer

An integral part of the work with drawings is their printing. In order for this process to be as effective and convenient as possible ABViewer has several printing commands that enable to:
- preview a drawing before printing;
- print a drawing on several sheets;
- print a fragment of a drawing;
- print a group of files.
Today we are going to cover one of them called Batch Print.

The Batch Print command allows users to print a group of files at a time (even if they are of different formats) and configure settings for each layout.

Let's take the following situation as an example – you need to print several DWG files on A1 paper and several PDF pages on A4 sheets. Of course, you can print each file individually but it will be much easier and faster to use the Batch Print command.

Start ABViewer, go to the Output tab and activate the Batch Print command (it is also possible to call it from the Start menu without running ABViewer).

In the appeared window click on the Add file(s) button and select files that you want to print. If they are kept in a separate folder you can use the Add from command.

Batch Print

As you see the loaded files are displayed as a list. By default, all layouts except for the Model layout are selected to be printed. But if you do not need to print one of layouts just remove the check-mark opposite its name.

Now let's move to print settings. There are two methods to specify them: for each layout individually or for several files that meet selection requirements at a time. Examine both methods in more detail.

Method 1

Select a layout to print out, then select a printer and paper size in the Printer Setup section (1). With the help of commands placed in the Options column (2) it is possible to specify advanced parameters, for example, a drawing orientation or width of zero-width lines.

Printer Setup section and Options column

We recommend you always to preview a layout by double left clicking on it because in some cases the printing area can be set incorrectly.

Method 2

This method consists in using printing rules – a set of parameters that will be applied to a certain group of files. We draw your attention to the fact that rules are applied only to layouts with unspecified printer.

To create a new rule click on the button […] in the Print Setup section. You'll need two rules – the first rule to print DWG drawings on A1 paper and the second one to print PDF files on A4 paper.

Fill the Name column, it can contain any symbols. Then go to the File filter field and click on […]. There you should enable the filter by file type and specify the desired file format - *.dwg. Click on the […] button in the Print properties field and select Print settings. In the appeared window specify your printer and the required paper format – A1.

Filter and Plot settings

The first rule is ready, by analogy with it create the second rule for PDF drawings.

In the Batch print window activate the Create rules for files with unspecified printers option and hit the Print button.

Ready! As a result, all DWG drawings will be printed on A1 size paper, and PDF files on A4 sheets.

You'll spend much less time and efforts on printing of different drawings with the help of the Batch Print command.