Compare DWG/DXF Files with ABViewer
Compare DWG/DXF Files with ABViewer
 We continue to familiarize you with various functionality of ABViewer and our today's article is devoted to the Compare files feature.

The name of this feature speaks for itself – with its help you can compare two DWG or DXF files. So if you need to know what changes (even the smallest ones) were made to a drawing or find the difference between two similar drawings this feature will come in handy.

Let's take a look at a specific example of using the feature.

1. Go to the Advanced tab and click the Compare files button. After that the Selection of files to compare window will appear.

Advanced tab-Comapare files icon

Files and settings for comparison

2. Specify the paths to the files we want to compare, let it be an original drawing and its modified copy.

3. Click the Compare button and get the result.

Comparison result of drawings

As we see all the changes are displayed graphically: deleted entities are highlighted in red, modified entities in blue, and added entities are green (note that the source files remain unchanged!). These colors are set by default, but you can always change them in the Selection of files window. Also, it is possible to specify parameters for comparison (Layer, Linetype, Linetype scale, etc.).

In the upper-left corner of the Comparison window there are four buttons: the first two buttons are responsible for the arrangement of compared drawings on the screen – horizontal or vertical, the third button changes the background color and the fourth one activates/deactivates the synchronous scaling with the scroll wheel.

Nothing difficult, right?