Steve Morton, USA

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I built a 2D cnc machine in my basement to hold a plasma torch. Using Solid Works, which is a 3D cad design software package, I designed the objects I wanted to cut out using my plasma table. I would then make a drawing of that part and dimension all of the start and end points of each line, arc, circle, etc. Each of these points would have an X and Y co-ordinate that was at some distance from an initial X0, Y0 location. This would be my start point in writing the G code necessary to control the plasma table software to cut the part out of the material being used. I became quite good at hand writing G code but soon found that it took a lot of time and became cumbersome. I had looked at many companies offering DXF file conversion to G code software but CADSoftTools seemed like a winner. So, I downloaded their trial software and then stumbled along trying to learn how to use it for my application. I learned that the tech support team at CADSoftTools were, and are, only too willing to help me with any questions I have and to date have had great success with the software giving me the results I need.

Steve Morton,
Hurt, Virginia, USA