Print a Large Format Drawing on Multiple Sheets with ABViewer
Print a Large Format Drawing on Multiple Sheets with ABViewer

As you probably know, there are several ways to print files in ABViewer. In our previous article we told you about Batch Print, today's article is devoted to Multipage Printing.

The Multipage printing command enables to print large format drawings on several sheets of smaller size. For example, if you do not have a plotter you can print an A1 drawing on A4 sheets and then paste them together.

To print out a desired drawing, open it in ABViewer, go to the Output tab and activate the Multipage Printing command.

Multipage printing

The appeared dialog window consists of two parts: preview pane and print settings area.

The preview pane and print settings area.

The preview pane displays a drawing as it will be printed. With the help of commands that are placed at the bottom of this pane users can determine the number of sheets across and the number of sheets down into which the drawing will be divided or just let ABViewer calculate what number of sheets is required.

If you do not need to print one of sheets just right click on it.

Now let's examine the print settings area that includes several tabs.

On the Device Settings tab it possible to customize an output device, select a paper format, drawing orientation, and also the size of the printed image, ignoring its real dimensions.

Print settings

The Additional Settings tab determines a drawing position on the paper. For example, here you can specify offsets dimensions to make the further pasting of parts easier.

The Borders tab allows users to add and set the appearance of a drawing frame and cutting lines with the help of which paper pasting will be more accurate. Please note that added frame and cutting lines are not displayed in the preview pane.

Print settings

And on the CAD Image tab (that was already mentioned in the article about Batch Print) line weight settings, color scheme, dimensions and texts display are configured. Here, you can also edit layers of a drawing.

So thanks to the Multipage printing command and its detailed settings the printing of large format drawings on standard A4 printer will be a breeze for you.