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Status Bar

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Status bar is an information bar, which can't be relocated or hidden. It is always in the bottom part of the program and contains additional information and functionality:

the name of the opened file

its sequence number and the total number of files in the folder

a block with additional modes of drawing

coordinates under the mouse cursor

dimensions of the active file (x;y;z).

The block with additional modes of drawing contains four buttons: Grid, Snap, Ortho and Polar tracking. A green tick over the button means that this mode is on. Switching the modes on/off is fulfilled with the help of the left mouse click.

Right click over one of the following icons in the status bar calls the pop up window:

oPolar Tracking [F6] switches polar tracking mode on or off.

oGrid [F7]   - switches grid on a drawing on or off.

oOrtho [F8] - switches orthogonal drawing mode on or off.

oSnap [F9] - switches snap mode on or off.

oOptions... - opens the respective tab of the Options dialog box which allows to change the parameters of the selected tool.

Options. Grid.

Options. Snap.

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