Navigation in 3D mode

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Navigation in 3D mode

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Mouse pointing device is used for visual orientation in 3D space in display modes 3D Wireframe, 3D Hidden lines, 3D Smooth shading and 3D Flat shading.






Click the left mouse button to select the surface on the object to view its properties

Click and and hold the left mouse button to rotate the object in 3D space

Use scroll to enlarge or reduce the display

Click and hold the right mouse button or scroll to relocate in 3D space

Highlight and selection of objects

The surface on the object can be selected with the left mouse button in the drawing or in tree of objects in the panel "Structure". While pointing the mouse cursor to the object the surface under the cursor is highlighted. To switch off the highlight of entities you should select the command Object's highlighting. When the surface is selected its properties are shown in the panels "Properties" and "Structure".

Structure Panel

Properties Panel

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