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This tab allows to switch on/off adding commentaries to the file created in ABViewer.



Add comments to file. When saving the current drawing into DXF the line "Created by Soft Gold Ltd. www.cadsofttools.com" and the version of the program in which it was created is added to the file. The option allows to switch these comments on/off.

Entities filling. The option is used for the Page to CADand Import PDF/EMF commands. If the option is switched on, conversion of the objects or the active layer of the loaded file is implemented without hatch.

Layers. The option is used for the Import PDF/EMF command. If the option is switched off, layers are not loaded while importing. If the option is switched on, layers are imported from the PDF file.

Vectorization. The option allows vectorizing raster images when you use the Import PDF/EMF or PDF to DWG commands.

oDo not vectorize. Raster images are not vectorized.

oVectorize all. All raster objects contained in PDF are vectorized. It can take much time to vectorize large PDF files containing a large number of raster objects.

oAuto. The option is set by default. All raster objects contained in PDF are vectorized but vectorization is limited by 50 commands. Raster objects that are described after these 50 commands are not vectorized. To vectorize all raster objects of the PDF file, select the Vectorize all option.


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