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Printing files is an essential task for those who deal with drawings. It is often required to print only a part of a drawing or to divide it into several sheets. Standard print system isn’t enough in this case and you need to look for some other options. All these problems and many others have already been solved in CADEditorX User Interface!

Multipage Printing

It is sometimes needed to print a large drawing and you only have a standard A4 printer. To solve this problem, CADEditorX User Interface offers a special tool – Multipage Printing (tiled printing), that is available on the Output tab.

Tiled printing allows plotting images on any number of sheets of different formats with the necessary scale. For example, large drawings (А0, А1 etc.) can be divided into a great number of smaller sheets that can be later joined into a single large image. Any tile can be printed separately. Thus, if one of the sheets is damaged (for example, because of some problems with the printer), you can reprint this very sheet later.

How do I Print a Part of a Drawing on Several Sheets?

For instance, we have an A3 drawing that we wish to print on an A4 printer. We’ll need to select the necessary area in the drawing with the help of the tool Fragment. After that we should click the button Multipage Printing on the Output tab. A dialog box will offer to specify the needed settings. As the drawing to print needs to be of A3 format, we will select the option Predefined format and will choose A3 in the drop-down list of standard formats. Under the preview area, we’ll need to click the button Auto and the drawing will be divided into two A4 sheets. To disable print of a sheet, click with the right mouse button on the sheet in the print preview area.

Batch Print

Work with design and project documents often involves printing several files on different printers with different paper format. Opening every single file in the program window and specifying the needed settings can require a lot of time, especially if the files are large.

To solve this problem, you can use the Batch Print feature in CADEditorX User Interface that allows specifying the necessary plot settings for every layout of the drawing, setting the output device and the corresponding paper size as well as previewing the file.

At first, a list of files is created. After that you need to select the layers to print and specify the output device and paper size. Different layouts can be plotted on different printers or plotters.

To preview a layout, double click on its name in the list.

Additional settings provide access to the layers; allow black and white print; set the line weight, the visibility of texts and dimensions etc. To access the additional settings, right click on the name of the layout in the list.

For example, to print a drawing in the black-and-white mode, right click on its name and select the command CAD Files Options in the context menu.

In the dialog box CAD Files Options, uncheck the Print with colors option; the result will be displayed in the preview area after you click Ok.

Multipage Printing

Batch Print